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Why Choose URS?

Our services are designed to easily integrate with current practice operations, add an additional revenue stream and maintain 100% compliance, all with no headaches to the practice.  We realize that reimbursements for most healthcare providers have and will continue to decline.  Also; although unlikely, any increases would probably not keep up with inflation.  In order to maintain viable operations, many practices are in need of additional revenue streams. 

Rehabilitation services, which are generally being referred out, can be a good source of revenue for the practice if managed properly.  There are many reasons why we feel that partnering with URS is much better than trying to implement these services internally. Rules and regulations such as the STARK laws are changing rapidly and must have continual oversight by a competent body.  Therapists are in critical demand and many practices and hospitals are operating with insufficient staffing. 

The increased demands for therapists along with prolonged shortages have coupled to create an extremely challenging recruitment scenario, with no signs of relief.  Billing and reimbursement can be challenging for those outside of the field and not up to date with current practices.  We can easily handle all of the challenges mentioned above.  For your convenieince we have created a checklist of important factors that URS has to offer your company.

Rehabilitation Service Checklist for United Rehab Specialist?

  • Proven success in implementing, maintaining and growing compliant and profitable rehabilitation programs across all settings.
  • Comprehensive individualized program development that includes documentation, coding, billing and treatment protocols that are outcome driven.
  • Solid revenue generating processes.
  • Proprietary monitoring systems to ensure compliance and maximum value.
  • Extensive billing and reimbursement collaboration with our billing specialists.
  • Accountable, progressive and responsive management team.

To find out more about how URS can benefit your Practice/Facility simply email
or call today at (800)-260-1607.

"I have worked with United Rehab Specialist for over five years. I have found the staff to be very knowledgeable not only in the clinical aspect, but the financial aspect as well..."

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